The old man saved his only friend, a dog, by spending all the money he had accumulated over the years.

might feel really alone. A genuine familial link is formed when there is compassion from the owner. Many pet owners will stop at nothing to preserve their pet’s life and guarantee that it lives a long, healthy life in the event of an emergency.

This was the situation for a retired man who lived alone with his loving dog. After 12 years of living together as the best of friends, the dog suddenly passed out while out for a regular stroll.

cherished pet to the vet, where the doctors gave him a dire prognosis and assured him that the dog wouldn’t live for longer than six months. The dog’s life might be prolonged by a difficult surgical procedure, but locating a specialist appeared almost impossible.

Unfazed, he set out to track down the elusive specialist and learned that he lived in Japan on the other side of the Pacific, and that the operation would cost a whooping $50,000. The old man saved this amount for years, yet he didn’t think twice about using it to pay for his pet’s medical care.






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