This is what the shape of your fist reveals about your personality

Understanding personalities through simple gestures, such as making a fist, might surprise you.

The style of your fist can say a lot about your character, revealing traits about yourself. By simply making a fist, you can find an intriguing link to your personality, based on LittleThings.

Fingers Over Thumb: How People See You: Perceived as enthusiastic and intelligent, you appear careful and live a harmonious life. Who You Are: Reserved, preferring not to hurt others. You value loyalty and sincerity, especially among friends. Your Love Life: You aim for comfort in relationships, sometimes remaining in them to avoid causing harm.

Thumb Over Fingers: How People See You: You’re charismatic, talented, and confident, with an attentive nature and flexibility. Who You Are: You avoid risky situations, have high expectations, and find it hard to open up to avoid getting hurt. Your Love Life: Slow to forgive, you dwell on past memories, hesitating to open up and wary of emotional pain.

Thumb Over Index Finger: How People See You: Perceived as someone who loves dreaming, considerate, and humorous, but sometimes impatient and stubborn. Who You Are: You value loyalty and kindness, yet can discern true friends from those who take advantage. Your Love Life: You’re cautious in love, prioritizing your dreams and seeking genuine affection.






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