How do you return the plastic windows to the winter position?!

There are two tricks that you may not have known about – PVC windows have winter and summer positions that can be easily adjusted.

However, first you need to check if you have the special screws that are located on the side edge of the window wing in which the handle is located.

If they have screwdriver holes + (plus), then the possibility of winter and summer adaptation exists. Just open the window and look for the screw.

If you want to adjust the window for winter position, use an allen key to bring the screw from the inside. This is how to adjust the pressure force of the window frame.

When the master installs the window, he usually leaves it in the standard position, namely in the middle position.

If you are not sure which position your window is in, take a piece of paper and run it under the window sash.

If the sash can go through without problems, your window is in the summer position, but if the sash tears, it is probably in the winter position.

It is important to keep in mind that you should not leave the windows in the winter position throughout the year, because the tires on the window frame will wear out very quickly.






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