Eye Test: 90% Of People Can’t Find The Odd Number Within 3 Seconds! Can You?

The game of «seek and find» is based on the premise of finding a hidden item within a picture.

The item can be anything like an object, an animal, a number, an alphabet etc. This activity can help develop observation skills in kids and enhance the existing skillset of adults.

So if you want to put your ability to notice small details to the test, you’ve come to the right place. Here is a riddle for your eyes.
Let’s do this quick brain workout.

Some researchегs delivег that the mօre օptical illusions you exercise your bгain with challenging puzzles and checks, the more intelligent you aге.

There are people with an eagle-eye that can masterfully spot the most minuscule details with ease
The thing is, you only have 3 seconds to do it – and not a second more! If you take your time, it gets too easy

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