Every time you wake up at Midnight and 2 am

Three reasons why you should pray at three in the morning and at midnight.
We should do it at 12 and 3 because it is considered to be a crucial spiritual and Christian practice.

Although the Bible does not directly say that the best time for Christians to pray is at three in the morning, it does provide numerous examples of God’s servants who were excited about praying at midnight.
Paul and Silas provide a good example of such individuals in Acts 16:20.

According to the Bible, they were singing and praying openly as they were incarcerated and locked up at midnight.

God let the captives go after an earthquake cracked open the jail doors.

Several biblical writings make this point quite plain. Christians should read the Bible as well so that the Holy Spirit can speak to them directly.

Here are a few more reasons to go between 12:00 AM and 2:00 AM.

Right now is the perfect time to pray to God. The reason for this is because while the devil is up and attempting to harm them at this hour, the majority of people are asleep. The majority of witches carry out their evil activities at this hour, and prayer is the most effective way to counteract the power of the darkness.
Now is the time to ask for mercy and forgiveness. One should get up and without being distracted confess their sins to God while the environment is quiet and pleasant for prayer.
You have the ability to grow more profoundly and powerfully in the early hours. It enables one to experience good health, peaceful sleep knowing that God is watching over them, and many benefits when they awaken.






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